August 26, 2010

A Day in August

Thursday, August 26th, 2010 
(this is a day in the life. today Orion had the day off, our days are not usually this busy. Next month I'll do a post on what life is really like while Daddy is at work.)

6:15 am I wake up to the sounds of Ava cooing from her bassinet. I walk over and this is what I see:

After nursing, and chilling in bed for a while till Daddy has to leave for his meeting we then get up.

By 7 am I'm getting her changed, dressed and ready for the day. I lay Ava on her play gym while I make breakfast and Orion heads out the door for his meeting. See you in a few hours Daddy!

After breakfast we play, and hang out together. We read books, cuddle, listen to music and just about every other thing you can think of that involves making her laugh and smile. 

By 10 am it's time for her morning nap. She goes down easily with her binky and some music. 

Next, it's time for me to get in a shower and get ready for the day. 

By 11 am I'm all done getting ready and I start to tackle the dishwasher and putting away all the dishes in the sink from the night before. 

During Ava's naps is usually when I check my emails, check Facebook, return phone calls, and other mindless things on the Internet. 

11:15 am she's still napping and it's time for me to sneak in my morning devos. I like to sit in her nursery (she naps in our room for now) it's peaceful there. I crank up some NCU Worship from back in the day and proceed to have my quiet time with God. 

By this time Ava is awake, I'm getting lunch ready she's playing on the floor rolling around like crazy. Today's lunch: spinach steak wrap, crackers & cheery lime aid. YUM!

12:45 pm it's time to nurse Ava again. I usually listen to a podcast during this time. Currently listening to High Point Church & Cross Point's pod casts. They are good. 

Time to head to the church staff meeting at Pastor's house. 

By, 3:45 pm we're back at home. And there's a package on my door step. A package from I proceed to unpack it, and even though I know what's in it already I still get pretty giddy unpacking all my diapers and wipes. Thank you for your wonderful discount and free two day shipping! 

I look over from putting away diapers to find this: 

Not, sure what's going on here, sometimes you don't ask. We just move on with the day. 
Here's where it gets rough, and we get real here on the blog. 5 pm Orion and I had a meeting with our Pastor. It was long meeting (hence the halt in daily picture documenting) It lasted till 6:15 pm. It was a rough afternoon, I got a head ache started to feel like crap skipped out on Youth group tonight and took 800 mg of my drugs and called it a night. 

Made dinner for myself. It was just me and the babe, so it was an easy night.

Got Ava in her jammies, changed and ready for bed. 

We played a little bit, and read some more books. 

Then I rocked her a little bit, and I sang her some songs. And she was in bed by 8 pm. 
After getting her to bed, I changed myself into my jammies. Sat on the couch, watch an episode of Keepin' Up with The Kardashian's and waited for the Hubs to get home. 

9 pm Hubby walks in the door and we hash out the days happenings. Today was a rather full day, it's not usually this full nor exciting, or draining. It's usually just me and Ava, car less and here at home. But we'll save the boring stuff for another month! 

Till next time, night, night!!! 
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