January 2, 2011

A Day in December: New Year's Eve

A Day in December.............


Let me start out by saying that my family came to visit us for New Years. They got here on the 29th. 

I almost forgot about taking pictures to document the day due to the craziness/excitement of having everyone here. 

I forgot to start in the morning, and by the time I remembered it was after lunch and we'd already started our day. But it's never to late to document a Day In December to share with you all.........

So without further adieu.....

That afternoon I went shopping with my Brothers and Sister in Law Jessie. 

First stop was the Apple store where my Brothers and Sister in Law bought themselves a new itouch because they fell in love with Orion's that I got him for Christmas. 

 A quick stop by the gumball machines so my brother could fill up on sugar. 

Some things never change, I remember them bummin' change off me when they we kids at the mall to get candy from the gumball machines then too. 

(they are 6 and 8 years younger than I am)

They are tall. 

I am short.

It works. 

5 pm: We're back at home and Ava gets in on the New Years action! 

We start making dinner. Tonight's menu grillin' New York Strip Steak! Yum! Happy New Year! 

Me and my Mom with Ava before we started a game night. 

We feel so blessed that they all were able to make the trip to see us for the new year. 

Orion & Shawn: Mad Gab team mates! 

And this is where my picture taking ended, I was to busy laughing so hard till my stomach hurt to take pictures for the rest of the night! We had a fun new years though. Perfect. 

So glad we got to share and ring in the New Year together with our family. 

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