January 6, 2011

CHA, CHA, CHA....Changes!

Maybe you've noticed some changes in the last few days to Worley House, or maybe you heard my shout outs on Twitter & Facebook. Or, maybe you haven't either way I'm here to tell you about'em and give you a little explanation about some.

First things first, we have our own domain name! Yes! I'm so excited about it I've been debating about it for a while now and as we come up on the heels of our 3rd blogaversary I thought it was fitting and time for our own domain name. Now you can reach us http://www.worleyhouseblog.com/ don't worry your readers and RSS feeds will still re direct you here and update, but if you'd like to change them over to the new blog address that would be fantastic!

Next up, I've gotten a few emails & questions about the watermark on my photos. Mostly what's up with it? And why? Here's my response to that, over the last couple months I've noticed photos and blog posts showing up on other's blog that are not my own, nor have then given me a reference. Here's the thing, while although I love sharing my ideas with everyone I don't so much like people stealing photos especially when it comes to the photos of my family and my daughter. So, from now on you'll see a watermark on the photos. And if anyone steals them, re posts them or tries to claim them as their own it will have our watermark on them, and everyone will know they didn't come from said blog but that they are from the Worley House blog. This is just an extra measure I'd like to take with my own blog to make sure people aren't using what they aren't supposed to. It's pretty sad when people claim photos they didn't take as their own, this happened to a friend of mine. Someone copied her daughter's photos as their own and posted them on Flickr calling her daughter another name. They we clearly not theirs and she was very surprised to see her daughter's face on Flickr and named something. People aren't honest always, so I choose to protect myself and photos this way.

And lastly, Sponsorship. This is something I'm trying out we'll see how it goes. If you're interested in learning about becoming a Sponsor see that tab to the right hand side labeled so cleverly "Sponsorship Info."

We hope you like the changes, and come along with us as we enjoy the ride that 2011 brings ahead!


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