January 5, 2011

The Story of a Television Hutch

<----- {2007}

                      {2008} ------->

When Orion and I first got married we had very little, I had a few things from my single girl apartment that had been handed down to me from other family members, or I carried it from my college apartment and it landed in my now married dwelling. Either way, we had to buy a lot of stuff and get rid of a lot of stuff. One of the very first pieces of furniture we bought and invested in was this t.v. hutch. Besides our bed, it was the second piece of furniture we bought together and it was a BIG purchase for us newlyweds. We put this t.v. cabinet together ourselves after hauling it up two flights of stairs.

What truly makes this cabinet special or annoying depending on how you look at it, I'll stick with special is the fact that Orion and I had our very "first" married fight, quarrel, squabble if you will over how to put this thing together. He thought it should be done one way, and I thought it should be done another way and before we knew it we were in a full blown fight over a t.v. hutch. We had to take a break and come back to building it once we got over ourselves and learned to compromise.

I learned that it's ok if your Hubby wants to follow the directions to a "T." Let him do it. Who cares how long it takes. I learned to be more patient. And since then, we've put together many, many pieces of furniture together and made it out alive.

This poor hutch has been moved 4 times, dropped on the concrete once, dropped on my foot once. The drawers fell out busted and one is now held together by duct tape in the back. The shelf that holds the t.v. up is standing alone one 2x3 inch blocks of wood after a collapse. Yes, she's in bad shape to say the least.

But, even with all her imperfections she's held up for us and been trusty these last three and a half years.

But, this past weekend we put her to rest. We decided that it was time to get ourselves a new t.v. cabinet. So after doing some online research and then taking a look at our long term decorating desires we decided to get a new one.

So we say good-bye to the furniture piece that provided us our first real married fight, and helped us learn a few lessons too.

You we're good to us.

And now we'll enjoy you as fire wood. You're the gift that keeps on giving! (seriously, we chopped her up and have been having a fire with her remains.)


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