January 25, 2011


We hit up Ikea this weekend to pick up some stuff to help organize the new t.v. cabinet. I really love Ikea for a lot of reasons, we have a ton of their accessories and furniture. I know not everyone is a fan like I am but, one of the things I love Ikea most for is organization products for the home. They have some really cute, affordable, awesome finds. Did I mention they are reasonably priced {aka: cheap, cheap}!!! So, I thought I'd put together a little list for you of some of my fave products that we actually have and use in the home.

$20 - ikea.com

$15 - ikea.com

$8.99 - ikea.com

$4.99 - ikea.com

$3.99 - ikea.com

$3.99 - ikea.com

$1.99 - ikea.com

IKEA 365+
$2.99 - ikea.com

$1.99 - ikea.com

IKEA 365+
$1.99 - ikea.com

$0.99 - ikea.com

  • The KNODD trash can was our solution to the diaper genie! It's working out great so far with an Arm & Hammer air freshener masking the oders.
  • AGEN baskets are nestled in our book case, coralling all our board games, decks of cards, photo albums and other random books that don't fit.
  • DRONA fabric boxes, I love these and use them just about everywhere in our home. In our dresser to manage socks and other unmentionables, under the sink to house all our different tolietries and my nail polish.
  • KASSETT boxes are what we got this weekend for all our DVDs, CDs & VHS tapes to put in the t.v. cabinet.
  • IKEA 365 are all over my pantry! I love them for pasta, rice and cereal! They are awesome and come in 3 different sizes.
  • SOCKER metal pots, are what I use for all my parties for silverware. They are cute, and you can jazz them up with ribbon on the outside for you party.
What are some of your favorite Ikea products?


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