January 8, 2011

Friday Frills: {Cover Mamas}

Happy Friday all! It's our first Friday Frills of a brand new year, let's start it out right talking about some of my favorite things like magazines and fun Moms on the covers! I would totally let someone take my picture and stand around all day and make a good days wage, what about you? Yes?!?

Instyle, is always one of my faves. Amy Adams rocks the cover and there's some pretty pictures of her in a yellow dress on the inside. I'm kinda obsessed right now with that color so I LOVED it!
Katie, Katie......she's always one of my personal faves. I think she's pretty classic. I admire how private she is in a business that doesn't always make it easy and is always classy when the tabloids trash her marriage and personal life.
Nicole Kidman, or Nic as I like to call her. She's married to Keith Urban and that's enough for me to want to be her friend! Maybe I can buy LeAnn Rimes' house and live next door.....I hear it's on the market! 

Happy Friday ALL! 

photos: celebritybabyscoop.com


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