January 25, 2011

Katie's Kloset Visual Decor Board

Do you like my title of this post? It's very Kris Jenner of me, don't ya think? My friend Katie is living it up in NYC, while although she has a fancy life in the BIG Apple she's living in a little apartment trying to maximize every square inch!

While, I've never been to Katie's space and seen what she's working with I like to live vicariously through her Youtube videos while channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw. Onto the visual decor board, here's what I whipped up to help solve some of her storage issues and help create a space for her and her roomie.

Here's the break down & some thoughts about what we're working with;

In small spaces it's great to have a few key pieces that can pull double duty in your space giving you the most for what you're getting.
  • We've got some vertical closet storage options to hang coats, clothing and more to maximize closet space.
  • The while slim line book shelf is great for anything not just books. Use some of the boxes noted on the board and you've got a sleek way of storing and hiding it all.
  • The 4 tiered cart can be perfect for housing bathroom toiletries, hair brushes, blow dyers & flat irons, the bottom one can be used for  towels, wash cloths, etc.
  • The bench with 4 cubbies would be great in an entry way for shoes and purses when you walk in the door, or in the living space adding extra seating, add a padded cushion so your guests tushies don't go numb.
  • Six tiered hanger for skirts or pants will get the most bang for your buck in your closet without creating bulk.
  • Leather storage bench & matching ottomans you can use the bench it doubles as a coffee table when you flip the lid over, use it to store your laptop, cords and other odds and ends in the living room you need to store. Move the ottomans around for end tables or extra seating when guests are over.
  • These covered shoe boxes aren't just great for shoes use them in your closet to hold small clutches, wallet and other things you want to keep free from dust that you don't use daily.
  • The hanging jewelry organizer is one of my faves (I have one of my own) you can get a lot of jewelry in the little guys and just hang them up in your closet or on the back of your door with a 3M hook and save tons of space by not having a bulky jewelry box.
What do you think?! Doesn't it motivated you to maximize your space, or move to NYC and see how much stuff you can cram in a small space!

Wanna a visual decor board of your own? Email me at andreaworley@live.com


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