January 12, 2011

Where Do You Blog? {Link Up Party}

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday morning! I meant to link up and post last night but the evening got away from me, and to be honest I wanted to spend time with Ava and my Hubby, please forgive me. So here we are today, blogging and linking up.

Let me tell you about my little space where I blog, I used to blog and spend my most creative days in my office in our old house. But since moving to Arizona in our new place I find myself blogging most days here:

Let me tell you a little bit about this space, first of all there's the chaise lounger one my most favorite pieces of furniture we own. We bought it off Craigslist a few short months after we were married, it was a steal and is the most comfortable to lay on and curl up with a blanket. What you can't see from this picture is the coffee table that sits next to it, that is perfect for holding beverages while I blog and other odds and ends that I might stash there. This is also one of my fave places to watch t.v. and it's super cozy when we've had a fire lit. I've also added since then a plush and warm blanket it that makes this space extra cozy.

Most nights after the baby has gone to bed and we've eaten dinner together is when I blog. I started reading blogs well before I actually had a blog, one of my first blogs I started reading was this blog and it's been a fave ever since. I actually was so inspired by reading this blog, and thought it was such an awesome was to stay in touch with people, gain new ideas, and a source for creativity that I decided one day that I needed my own blog.

When I first started blogging, I didn't know what I was doing I was just writing. And over the years I feel like I've found my groove and even though I write about a wide range of things this is a place where I've seen growth in my life and an outlet for me, kinda like therapy only free.

So on evenings when the baby has gone to sleep, or lazy afternoons when I'm feeling inspired I park myself on the chaise with a good cup of coffee and write and share with this wonderful community what's on my heart and mind.

Where do you blog?

Why do you blog? What do you love about this blogging community?

It's your turn! Leave me a comment telling me you've linked up and link up below!

I can't wait to read and see where you blog! Happy Linking everyone!


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