January 11, 2011

Where I Blog Link Party

In an effort to get to know my readers & dare I say "followers" I thought it would be fun to show you where I blog, where all the magic of every post is written. I'll warn it's not fancy, but it's comfortable!

Later tonight, I'll post a little ditty about where I blog, and then give you the chance to link up and share with myself and other Worley House readers too. You can share anything you like, a picture of your dreamy office or your place at the kitchen table where ever it is I wanna see it and hear about why you started blogging yourself? Or if you don't have a blog and are just a faithful reader tell me that too.

So get ready tonight to link up!

Also, I wanted to answer the questions about the domain name change. The benefits of using your own registered domain besides feeling really fancy and "official" is all about more storage and more options with Google, like use of the calendar, email, and the ability to add administrators. Worley House is not a business/blog like some blogs out there but this would be a big benefit for anyone who wanted to take their blog to the next level. I don't see Worley House going the business route but you never know, for now I just wanted my own domain name for myself and I really wanted to rename the blog address without losing posts/readers which would have been to confusing had I just changed the blogspot.com address. Does that make sense? So while although I'm not completely utilizing all the benefits yet, I hope to soon once I get my mind wrapped around it all.

Next, the watermarking is all done through Picnik, you could also do this through photo shop or any photo editing software. I use Picnik because it's fast and free. And I have to add the watermark one by one to each photo I upload.

Hope that answers some questions you have.

See you tonight! I can't wait to read your stories.


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