January 29, 2011

Watch Me Grow: 10 Months

Ten Months. Let's just pause for a second. A moment of silence if you will. 


I can hardly believe that she's ten months old. She'll be a year soon. But, for now I want to relish in her ten month glory. A lot has been happening in her life. As each month goes by she becomes more and more active. This month she's been really getting into playing more with her toys and discovering them. 

She's been eating lots and lots. She has a bottle still every two hours, I don't know her exact weight but I would guess she's up a couple pounds since her last visit. I'm going to guess she weighs around 19-20 pounds. 


She smiles so much, and claps a lot. She's becoming more vocal too. Which is really fun to see. I can't wait hear her speak sentences and talk. She is still napping twice a day. 

I am really loving her at this age, she's a lot of fun even though she's into everything. I love to watch her explore and see her personality come out each day as she discovers new things. 

Another thing she's been doing a lot is spontaneously laughing. It's pretty cute to see her burst into laughter. 

She's been fighting her first real cold these past few days. It's been so hard to watch her so sick. I'm hoping she gets better soon, I hate seeing her so sick. 

It's getting harder to take pictures of her, and keep her still. She wants to move everywhere, and the fact that we take these months pics on the glider in her room thinking back it wasn't the best idea to do baby pictures on a moving chair. But, we're always safe. I always have someone to help me and be close while I make a complete fool of myself and get her to smile and laugh. 

I had to include this picture, it's the first one I took that day when we were documenting her 10th month. It pretty much sums up her personality and how much fun she is. Take a look:

Big thanks to Aunt Jess & Uncle Sam for this adorable outfit. Her headband is from Banner Boutique. 


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